How-to Battle-Conquest

What's Battle-Conquest ?

It's very simple! Battle-Conquest is a tournament site based on random battle statistics. You participate in various tournaments accessible on the site. Once you have registered for one of the tournaments, your random battle statistics will be recorded. A score will then be calculated and a ranking among the other participants will be set up. At the end of the tournament, the score is updated one last time. Coins will then be distributed to all participants based on the score. The higher the score, the more coins the player will earn.

And what can I do with the coins I earned ?

You have two ways to spend your coins.

First, you can buy an item directly from the online shop. This can be in-game golds, premium days or even premium tanks. The purchase is direct.

Secondly, it is possible to participate in regularly created auctions. The item is then sold to the highest bidder.

How to earn coins ?

There are several ways to earn golds. The first and most obvious one is to participates to the tournaments.

The second one is to simply log in once a day. You will earn 10 coins for your first connection on B-C.

The third and last way is to sponsor new players. For each new sponsored player, you earn 150 coins and the sponsored player earns 50 coins.

But what kind of magical trick can allow me to earn golds ? Is this a trap ?

I'm the only creator of Battle-Conquest and I will NEVER ask you to give me your Wargaming's account password. The only information I get from your WoT's account are your random battles stats. These stats are collected via the Wargaming's API (available here) with your authorization. Linking your WoT's account is the only way you have to participate to the tournaments. Furthermore, it also allows me to get your Username, your ID and the server you are playing on (EU, NA,...). The Username and the ID are also necessary to send you your purchases in the store. And I repeat, I will never collect your password !

Do I need to pay ?

Battle-Conquest is totally free ! I will never ask you to pay anything.

But I will actually ask you one thing : to disable your adblockers. The only income of Battle-Conquest comes from the ads. The store is only filled with Golds, Premium Days and Tanks thanks to the ads.

And if I have a question, where should I ask it ?

You can either go on our forum, or on our Discord. On Discord, don't forget to select your language in the canal #get-role.

Take a look at our Truspilot page

And here you will find the list of the last winners on Battle-Conquest!