TotalWar Saison #2

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TotalWar Saison #2

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The situation is critical. The world is under serious threat. All governments are falling, one after the other. Such attacks can only come from one enemy: the Illuminati Reptilians have decided to take action!
But we have not said our last word! It is time to counter this invasion. Together. And with the most dangerous weapon of all: the tank.
Join us in this fight from 22 September at midnight to 6 October includes 2021 CEST

Details of the event
Your mission: get the highest score possible and hold as many territories as possible against the Reptilians!
The event will last 15 days during which you will have to be tenacious against the enemy! :twisted:
Every day the Reptilians will take over one or more territories. It's up to you to recover and defend them!
All your attacks and defences will be counted and divided in proportion to your number of battles.
For example: If Player 1 attacks France and gets a score of 10,000 for 5 battles, his score for the event will be 2000.
10000/5 = 2000
Note: A capture of territory does not give any points but allows you to obtain additional deployment tokens.
All players will receive 3 deployment tokens per day and will not be able to buy any.
The map will be reset for the start of the event and at the end of the event.

Starts on 22 September until 6 October includes
Note : Depending on the WG events, the event may be postponed.
Need some extra motivation? Then take a look at the rewards that await the most valiant of commanders!
  • 1st place : 7000 credits on Battle-Conquest + 60 Prime days B-C + Tier 8 Premium tank of your choice : Somua SM, Centurion 5/1 RAAC, ELC even, Kanonenjagdpanzer 105
  • 2nd place : 5000 credits on Battle-Conquest + 30 Prime days B-C + Tier 6 Premium tank of your choice: Type 64- T-34-85m, Bretagne Panther
  • 3rd place : 3000 credits on Battle-Conquest + 30 Prime days B-C + 7 Premium days of World of Tanks
  • 4th place : 2000 credits on Battle-Conquest + 21 Prime days B-C + 500 golds
  • 5th place : 1000 credits on Battle-Conquest + 14 Prime days B-C + 500 golds
  • 6th to 10th place: 500 credits on Battle-Conquest + 7 Prime days B-C per player
  • 11th to 20th place: 300 Battle-Conquest credits per player
  • 21st to 40th place: 150 Battle-Conquest credits per player
Raffle: A Raffle will be organised among all the participants to win :
  • 3x 7 Prime days B-C
  • 1x 14 Prime days B-C
  • 1x 500 golds
Excludes top 5 players.

Note: The leaderboard will be updated regularly during the event. Winners will only be determined at the time of closure. See the Leaderboard here.
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