Battle FFA

Scores update

The update of the scores and the closing of the tournaments are done automatically. However, to allow your score to be updated, you must close the WoT client before the automatic update (see countdown). If you miss the update, don't worry, you'll have to wait until after the next countdown.

Battle rating

Your battle rating calculated by WG is very important and allows you to place yourself among other players. In order to get balanced tournaments, you will be able to participate in the tournaments provided only for your level.

Amount of participants

Each tournament can only accept a certain amount of players. This limit is calculated based on the amount of credits to share as well as other internal parameters. Once the player limit is reached for a tournament, you won't be able to register to it anymore.

Negative score ?

It can happen that you have a negative score. In this case, you will only earn the fixed distribution. You will be free from dynamic distribution.

Minimum amount of battles

For each tournament, a minimum amount of battles is required. If you don't play the required amount of battles, you won't get a score and therefore no credits.

Maximum number of battles

For each tournament, a maximum amount of battles is fixed. If you exceed this amount of battles, your score will be reduced to the limit. If Player 1 plays 25 battles while the tournament limit is 20 battles, the score will be calculated as follows: [(Score / 25) * 20].

Distribution of credits

The amount of credits you can win in a tournament is set when it's created. The distribution of the credits is divided in two steps.
The 1st is a fixed distribution. The first one, in the ranking, will win x credits where x = tournament participants limit. The second one will win x-1 etc.
The second distribution is dynamic. The higher your score is compared to other player's scores, the more credits you will earn (relative to credits remaining after the fixed distribution). If Player 1 has a score of 900 and Player 2 has a score of 100, the total score is 1000. Player 1 will earn 90% of the remaining credits while Player 2 will earn 10% of the remaining credits.

Due to the type of distribution adopted and the rounding, it's possible that a certain amount of credits won't be allocated.


The score for the Battle FFA is calculated as follow:

Stat Score
XP (basic)0.5
Cap defense4
Damage dealt0.3
Defeat- 300
Draw- 150
Damage received- 0.2

Total War

How to attack a territory

Choose your territory and click on "Landing" to try to become the owner. You have until midnight every day to get the highest score according to the statistics of the region. At the end of the attack, the person with the highest score becomes the new owner.

Landing token

Every day you will receive 1 landing token (2 if you have a Prime account). You must use a token to land on a territory.

Note, the number of deployment tokens is reset when the tournaments close at midnight. Unused purchased tokens will be deleted.

The map is divided into several regions. Each region contains territories with the same statistics of battles. For example, the XP region contains all the territories based only on experience to calculate the score.


If the current owner gets the highest score or gets a draw score with the best attacker, the owner keeps the territory.
If two attackers are tied and have a higher score than the owner, the territory will be loss.


After the closing of the attacks, new owners are designated and credits are distributed.

All credits calculations are rounded down. Be careful, the number of credits decreases by credits per day of possession.
World Map

You can select the color of your territory as well as the highlighted color. These colors will be visible to all players.


Each capital (or city) will give you an income bonus and deployment token. To do this, you must first own the country and then take the city. If you have both when closing tournaments at midnight, you will get the bonuses associated with the city directly.
Note that the city owner's score will be visible to everyone including "0" if he doesn't defend the city.

Fort Boyard

Fort Boyard is an exceptional "city". The fort is not related to any city, so you can take possession of it whenever you want. The fort gives you 6 deployment tokens the next day.


Players with Prime can land on 2 territories in a row
You can stop an attack whenever you want but if you do so your score won’t be actualized anymore. You can’t relaunch an attack you already stopped. You can use this function if you’re satisfied of your score and you don’t want your next games to modify it
You can only attack or defend one territory once at a time
Having a Prime account still allows you to earn 50% more credits
Each territory is part of a region, which define the statistics taken into account for the score calculation. A regions can focus on the XP earned, another on the damages dealt, etc
There are no negative values for the score calculation.

Thank you for your understanding.